for stronger, thicker, healthier hair, Designed to strengthen the roots, hairline, edges and baby hair

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JP Hair and beauty was founded in 2014 and is the parent company of the Vyta-Mends line of supplements. Founders Geneva Spigner and brother Reggie Dunlop have been involved in the industries of beauty and nutrition for over 15 years each and both are certified Nutritionists from Cornell University. The line was developed to support the specific needs and desires of today's beauty and health-conscious men and women.

we care about your hair

If you can dream it you can be it. 

product benefits

Stronger roots and edges. A stronger fuller hairline especially near the temples where hair is the most fragile.

Strengthens hair and roots to accommodate current natural styles of  braids and locks. Strengthens hair to accommodate the weight of the  styles and to combat stress alopecia that may result.​

Promotes a healthy strong hairline and combats hairline thinning and loss from weaves, and wigs.

Provides nourishment for a healthy scalp and healthy hair.

Provides vitamins and nutrients that not only strengthen your hair but strengthens your nails and promotes glowing clear healthy skin.